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- Added those weird level 90 armors
- Replaced old armor images with new images
- Updated some armor names and descriptions
ArchWizard2016-03-22 21:16:59
My Special Blue Attack decided to finally get rid of that damned red color scheme; the title banner should follow shortly. Also, I started adding level 100+ armors.ArchWizard2016-03-22 15:08:46It's An Update for Websites has been updated to work with PHP 7. Yay. Yaaaay. Also: RSS feeds are broken at the moment. That's probably not related.ArchWizard2016-03-03 22:00:42Ads Subtracted had ads for a long time. Now it doesn't. I might post about the whole saga on the Siegemode forums.ArchWizard2015-03-28 12:13:44Forum Doldrums recently discovered that the old forum URL stop redirecting to the new forum URL, so I updated the link to the forum.ArchWizard2014-09-01 13:17:19Atoomic Power new videos have been added, all by Atoom:

Crisis City
Machine Labyrinth
Tropical Resort
ArchWizard2014-02-20 14:29:27
Not Really An Update feel as though I've slept through something very important.ArchWizard2013-03-21 00:38:03Gone to Ground've modified the engine search pages to display ground speeds at a glance and allow for sorting by ground speed. I've also fixed a bug involving sorting engines by speeds.ArchWizard2012-08-02 00:15:46Victory, Huh? has informed me that he has received enough donations to keep his hosting for another year. This means can afford to keep running for a long while. However, on behalf on Anticept, I will ask that people donate a bit more if they can. That way, we all don't have to deal with any more, er, "emergencies" in the future.

But overall, we're fine now.
ArchWizard2012-03-28 11:29:53 It's a Website in Danger, generous provider of free hosting to, is very low on cash. This means he can't afford to be generous any more. Meanwhile, I can't fully cover the cost because I'm not exactly rich myself. So, I must ask's loyal fans to help out. You can donate using this link:
Donate towards my web hosting bill!
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